Hannes Radke
Hannes Radke

About Me

My name is Hannes Radke, and I was born in Juli of 1985. I live in Hildesheim, Germany. Since my graduation in Design I work on different Projects in the sphere of Comics and Games, but I still dream of becoming a radioactive supervillain.

Some of my own comics have appeared in anthologies, such as Baito Oh!, Mood Comix / Kibun Manga & Manga-Talente 09 as the winning contestant of the Mangatalente competition. My first paid work as a penciller on the 3-part series Collector was published by Droemer/Knaur and the Comix magazine in Germany.

As of now I am working on my 2 webcomics NiGuNeGu and Of Stars Profaned as well as two game projects (yet to be disclosed).
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